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Vasthu for Residential Building


The term Vasthu, meaning a dwelling place, was initially used to refer to the homes of gods and human beings. However, with time, it came to be associated with the right location as well as design of almost any and every structure. Be it a plot, commercial complex, industry, shop/showroom, residential house or spiritual place like temple, Vasthu tips are followed while building each and every edifice. Coming down to home, it takes an important place in all the activities of your day to day life. The structure of a house forms one of the important considerations in Vasthu Shastra. If the house construction is weak, vasthu is also weak, and if house construction is strong, vasthu also works strong.


When it comes to residential Vasthu, each and every aspect of a house is taken into consideration. Right from the master bedroom and kids' room to the bathroom and even the garage, there is not even a single aspect in a house that is overlooked by Vasthu Shastra. For instance, best direction for master bedroom construction is southwest, while for other rooms; central, southern and central west directions are appropriate. Then, for prayer room, yellow or sandal color is just perfect for walls. Like this, there are many other Vasthu tips that need to be followed while constructing as well as furnishing a house. In this section, we will help you explore each one of them, in detail.


Vasthu for Children Room


Vasthu Shastra, the ancient architectural practice of India, covers each and every aspect of a house, right from the kitchen to the garage to the children room. Talking about the last aspect, designing your kids' room as per Vasthu ensures that the whole ambience contributes to your child's development, mental as well as physical.


Vasthu for Bathroom


Vasthu Shastra is the science of house construction. The use of the knowledge of this ancient architectural practice, in the construction of dwelling structures, provides prosperity, disease-free existence and peaceful life all the while.


Vasthu for Bedroom


In India, Vasthu Shastra is considered a sacred science that helps people live a stress-free life. People have relied on Vasthu for centuries for living in perfect harmony and keeping problems at an arm’s length.


Vasthu for Dining Room


Dining room is a very important part of the house and should be carefully planned. There are people who think that a dining room is not really required, but it is good to have one rather than having your meals in any part of the home.


Vasthu for Drawing Room


Drawing room is as important as any other part or corner of a house. Just as the rest of the house should be planned according to Vasthu guidelines, so should be the drawing room. It is one part of the house where the members spend a lot of time and which is also used to entertain guests.


Vasthu for Kitchen


In a house, kitchen is the place where the meals are cooked. There can be no other place in a house that is as important as the kitchen. It is advisable to plan your kitchen according to Vasthu recommendations, as it has the most direct effect on your health.


Vasthu for Doors & Windows


Doors and windows are essential furnishing articles of the house and make living a pleasurable experience. Doors and windows not only act as a passage through which air enters the house, but also as a gateway for energies.


Vasthu Tips for Flat


The architecture of flats should follow the guidelines laid by Vasthu Shastra or it can have a damaging effect on our lives. You can invite calamities in your life, if you chose to ignore Vasthu advice while building a flat for yourself.


Vasthu for Garage


Though one of the most ignored area, garage is as important as the house itself. Just as a vasthu perfect house radiates positive energies and promises a healthy life of the people staying in it, the same is applicable to the garage as well. For better efficiency and long life of a vehicle, the garage should have a correct vasthu.


Vasthu for Garden


The planning and design of your garden can have a significant effect on your mood, health and prosperity. Gardens are built in the house, so as to enable a person to feel close to nature and enjoy the serenity and calmness affected by the presence of plants and fountains.


Vasthu for Guest Room


Indian culture has always been very respecting of guests, even treating them at par with God. Indians welcome guests with great warmth and treat them as a part of their family only. A guest room is the place where guest stay and just like other rooms in the house, it needs to follow the right Vasthu.


Vasthu for Living Room


The living room of any house gives the first impression about the people who live in it. It is the center of the house, which is purposefully decorated, as it serves to welcome the guests. Living room is not just about décor and style; it’s about a warm reception, greetings and promoting healthy interaction in the future.


Vasthu for Locker Room


Locker room is one of the most important rooms in the house and determines the prosperity and affluence of the house. While determining the position of the locker room, there are a number of considerations you need to make.


Vasthu for Overhead Tank


Overhead tanks are an important feature of a building or a house. The water that is stored in the well or the bore well has to be pumped into the overhead tank, in order for it to be able to flow down into the house.


Vasthu for Pooja Room


The pooja room in your house should be planned according to Vasthu Shastra, because it the place where you meditate and worship. So, it is important to gain positive energies to connect to God.


Vasthu for Septic Tank


Modernization has brought with it the need to construct septic tanks. While in the yesteryears, the concept of having a septic tank was not even thought about, leave about making one, in the present generation, it has become a necessity. Septic tank requires a pit to be dug.


Vasthu for Staircase


Just like any other corner of the house, Vasthu Shastra has laid down rules and given recommendations on how to construct the staircase as well. Certain basic rules are to be followed while building the stairs in your house.


Vasthu for Study Room


Vasthu for study room is extremely important to strengthen the child’s concentration and stamina to sit for long without feeling tired. Some children begin to study, but can’t continue for long due to weak concentration.


Vasthu Colors for Home


Colors play a very important role in our lives and have a definite bearing on our fate. Just as our choice of colors reflects our attitude and approach towards life, the color of the walls and every corner of our home deeply impact the happenings around us and affect us negatively or positively.








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